Selling Tips

Selling Tips

Preparing your property

  • Make sure the property is tidy and presentable at all times
  • Clear away any clutter or unnecessary furniture
  • Make the property look appealing from the outside
  • Touch up paintwork if necessary and tidy the front and rear gardens. If there is a lawn or hedge, make sure they are kept trimmed.


  • If you are living in the property whilst it is being shown, it will always give a better impression if it is kept well aired and clutter free
  • Leave lights on (particularly in winter) so that all the rooms seem welcoming
  • Try to avoid strong smells if possible although people tend to react favourably to the aroma of fresh coffee or baking

Instruct Solicitors immediately

  • Appointing a solicitor immediately could speed up the whole selling process
  • They should ideally be supplied with title deeds at the earliest possible opportunity

Structural Survey

If you are concerned about the structural condition of your property, we would suggest you talk to a structural surveyor prior to putting your property on the market. This may then avoid difficult conversations later on.